Staff and Volunteers


Steve and Susanne Parker:

Steve and Susanne are the founders and directors of Focus Academy. They have lived with and served in the Montagnard community in Charlotte for several years. Steve is a Cross-Cultural Communications Specialist with a degree in Sociology from the University of North Carolina—Asheville. He has also studied Christian Education at Union Presbyterian Seminary in Richmond, VA. Susanne is a former Public School teacher with Hickory City Schools currently working as an educator at Brookstone School in Charlotte. She has extensive experience working with at-risk children in educational settings.


De and Bonnie Hillyer:

De Hillyer is a retired United Methodist pastor who finished serving churches in 2008 at Covenant UMC. He is married to Bonnie. Together De and Bonnie seek to serve Christ outside of the church. Presently, they are volunteering at the FOCHUS afterschool program, helping to organize and manage day-to-day activities.



H’Yin Siu:

H’Yin is a member of the Jarai tribe who came to America when she was ten years old and is a tutor / mentor with FOCHUS Academy. She is a 2016 graduate of Philip O’Berry High School and is currently a freshman at Central Piedmont Community College.



Tok Siu:

Tok is a member of the Jarai tribe who came to America when he was nine years old and is a 2015 graduate of West Mecklenburg High School. Tok is a tutor / mentor at FOCHUS Academy. He also drives our van, transporting students to and from school and afterschool each day.



Dola Y:

Dola is a member of the Bunong tribe who came to America when he was three years old and is the student leaders of the STEAM Entrepreneurship program. Dola is a senior at West Mecklenburg High School.



Valerie York:

Valerie helps to organize and manage day-to-day activities at FOCHUS Academy. Her husband Stan is a history professor. They have six children and four grandchildren. She has been serving the refugee community in Charlotte in a variety of programs for over 20 years.




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